Low Ponds

Good Evening Kevin, I hope all is well on your end.

This matter was brought to our attention by Clayton with GMS originally and later my co-worker Mike performed a site inspection of the reported ponds at the north end of Estancia.

Based on our recent site inspections of several wet stormwater ponds in Pasco County, the water levels in the ponds are being mostly influenced by the lack of cumulative rainfall in the area. Based on rainfall maps produced by the SWFWMD, various areas within Pasco County are considered “normal” to “drier than normal” to “very dry” (refer to the attached Rainfall Maps). As we transition from the “dry” season to the “wet” season in a month or two, hopefully conditions will improve. Also, based on the continued high demand for drinking water and the heavy usage of the drinking water wells, the aquifer water levels are also being impacted which in turn impacts the groundwater levels that dictate the water levels in the wet stormwater ponds.

Hopefully, this information answers your questions.

Respectfully, David W. Hamstra, P.E., CFM Stormwater Department Manager | Pegasus Engineering, LLC