Effective: February 20, 2024

Thank you for contacting Estancia CDD regarding your streetlight concerns.  Field Management staff are aware that a significant amount of streetlights are out in the community.  We have reviewed and documented all the outages in the community now several times while coordinating with the vendor on numerous repairs since August 2023.  Many repairs have been completed but we unfortunately continue to have streetlights continue to go out in sections or single lights go out as we repair others.  In August 2023 there were approximately 73 lights out of the 383 and now there are around 30 lights out.  We are continuing to work with the vendor to get lights repaired continuously and as quickly as possible.

Additionally, we have installed temporary solar lights in the community on many of the lights that are out at this time.  We continue to move them and adjust them as needed to continue to provide the most light possible. We are aware of the inconvenience this causes the community, which is why we have made streetlight repairs a top priority.  Repairs are ongoing. Thank you for your patience.