Feral Hogs (a.k.a. Wild Hog)

As with many areas in North Tampa, Wesley Chapel is no exception to the invasion of the “Feral Hogs” in our communities.  These animals negatively impact our wetlands and yards by “rooting” up the soil in search for food (i.e., grubs, insects, etc.) leaving pond banks, common areas and yards damaged.   The Southwest Florida Water Management District considers feral hog control an integral part of public conservation land stewardship in Florida.

Estancia is no exception to this invasion.  The District has contracted a “wild life trapper” to assist with this issue.  The way in which the Feral Hogs are controlled is to capture them using traps that are placed around the community. You may see these traps (large cages) throughout the Estancia property and we ask that you do not disturb them.  You may also see the trapper on property inspecting the traps and assessing the migration of the hogs. Lastly, these hogs are humanely caught, removed from property, processed and the meat is often donated to families who are in need.