Midge Control

August 24, 2023:

Midge Fly Treatment Update - Due to the Midge fly treatment being applied to ponds within the District, there may be an initial shock factor on the aesthetics of the each pond as a direct result of the chemicals when first applied. The product utilized in each pond will initially produce a white film as well as a pungent, garlic odor. This film will dissipate as it spreads over the water’s surface as will the smell. If any residents inquire, it is of course completely environmentally safe.  Thank you for your understanding.

February 20, 2024: 

Thank you for contacting Estancia Community Development District (CDD) regarding midges around your residential property and the nearby stormwater ponds. Field Services staff and District Management staff have received numerous concerns regarding the midges at this time. We understand that the midges are a nuisance and you are wanting further information on what steps can be taken to control the midge population to the best extent possible in your neighborhood.

To assist first access to resources and background information may be helpful. Osceola County as well as IFAS have  published information about Aquatic Midges or Blind Mosquitoes. This information is helpful to understand that while midges can be a severe nuisance they do not bite and other facts about midges:

At Estancia CDD, there have been past concerns about midges in the community. The CDD has taken several steps in midge management such as one time treatments of certain ponds, some fish stocking and even an installation of an aerator as a mitigation method test is in progress.  We have also added a comprehensive treatment program for every pond in the program.  Additionally all the community ponds will be planted with beneficial vegetation starting in spring 2024.

Additionally, please understand that you can direct maintenance on your own property that may help deter midges on your home and lot:

  • Minimize lighting to reduce swarms’ attraction to residences—close blinds, house lights off.
  • Change light sources to a less attractive type i.e., hi psi sodium lamp, yellow not white.
  • Speak to your pest control service about treatment to eradicate adult midges around your home.

Hopefully, this information is helpful to understanding the CDD is taking steps to address your concern. Even with the best practices in midge management, the pests are part of the natural Florida habitat and can swarm from water sources outside of the CDD boundaries. Residents should expect midges to be a part of the environment at Estancia CDD because they are virtually impossible to eradicate and flourish in Central Florida’s wetland and water environments.  They come and go based on certain environmental factors such as seasonal rains, winds,  temperature etc, and sometimes swarms or disappear entirely on their own.  We do however believe that the methods being implemented will drastically reduce the midge presence on property. The direct pond treatments will reduce the midges that are able to leave the water, and pond plantings will create an ecosystem less conducive to the existence of midges on property.  We will continue to monitor the status of midge presence at Estancia CDD. Thank you.