As you are well aware, Alligators are part of our Florida landscape and although enjoyable to watch in their natural habitat from a distance, it is important to follow simple guidelines to avoid encounters that may pose a danger.  Here are 3 rules you should always follow:

  • Don’t feed the alligators. They are not pets. They will become a nuisance by associating humans with food.
  • Don’t leave small children and animals unattended around water.
  • Don’t attempt to remove alligators from your yard, pool or roadways.

Remember that they are in their natural habitat and it is normal for them to be swimming in your pond.  If you feel that the Alligator is a threat to you and over 4 feet, please follow these steps for Alligator inspection and removal.

  • Contact the Alligator Hotline 866-392-4286. They will provide you with a report number.
  • Contact your District Manager
  • District Manager will contact Alligator Hotline with report number and grant permissions for access CDD property. Trapper will come to property to locate alligator for assessment and removal.